I see nothing funny about unsolicited pictures of Wal-Mart Customers and posting them on my Internet. I can only suppose that the Wal-Mart Owners and Stock Holders approve such conduct within their ranks. In public schools such conduct would be characterize as “Bullying” and
Wal-Mart should be held accountable. In my opinion: I find such conduct very troubling that large businesses such as Wal-Mart have allow photos be taken of “their” obese customers and posted as “Funny Pictures at Wal-Mart” on the Internet.

In support of Sandy McMillin this is my only comment: NO SHOES – NO SHIRT – NO SERVICE. Where does it say no beach wear? Even Bikinis? Good luck Sandy. Take them to the cleaners.

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  1. Adam p says:

    My my someone needs to go back and tell the Dr their balls haven’t dropped
    Yet and ask for surgery.

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  2. Eric Benavidez says:

    I disagree with NO SHOES – NO SHIRT – NO SERVICE. In the land down under (Australia, New Zealand), it’s quite normal. Besides, why with your logic should a man be ok with a bra top but not with no top? And the shoes thing…flip flops don’t hide very much as we can see from some pics on here. They don’t protect much either. And the only ones who would be affected by the allegedly nasty foot diseases out to get anyone barefoot are the barefoot ones themselves.

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  3. Woody says:

    So this is Jesse’s internet, I always wondered who owned it.
    If she doesn’t like this site being on her internet she’s going to be mad when she finds out about the other shit I find on her internet.
    Jesse can you learn to finish your words correctly please.
    Would be Carachterised with a d on the end
    Have allowed not “have allow”
    How do you know what would be classed as bullying in school, from the state of your punctuation I don’t think you ever went to school.
    Also pictures of fat men in short shorts are funny.

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