Laundry Day

Today I had to pull off the freeway due to nature calling, and my kid needed to get out of the car. So low and behold I see a Walmart and think “good enough”. So I head on in and wade through the copious amounts of screaming kids and “regulars” of said store to the restroom. I walked into the restroom to come upon a Hispanic woman in her late 30’s washing her soiled panties in the sink. All I could think was WOW, REALLY?!? I got out of the stall when I was done and headed to the sink to wash up and she is now drying said panties. Not shyly drying them, but full out sail to the wind! You could see the period stain and every thing. I wash my hands, and a young girl and myself share the “Is this really happening?” glance in the mirror.

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