Liar Liar

So about a month ago, I was at Walmart exchanging some headphones. Upon approaching the customer service/returns area, I noticed a big, blonde cowboy dyke-looking woman talking on the pay phone. Well while I was waiting in line, she was talking very loudly on the pay phone, not caring who heard her conversation. A few minutes later as I approached the check out counter, her loud conversation had turned into her screaming as loud as she could to the person on the other end, “I don’t care what you f***ing think!” I started to explain to the nice clerk that I needed to exchange the headphones, when in the middle of the conversation, the dyke yells, “I told you, I ain’t f***in’ nobody! You are the only one I’m f***in’!” Needless to say, the clerk stopped mid sentence, and we exchanged a WTF look to each other, and then he continued talking (he must be used to this kind of nonsense). The dyke then slammed the phone down, and stormed away muttering to herself.

Well I walked back to the store and got the other headphones to exchange, and on my way back to the counter, I walked right by the dyke, hanging onto another big dyke!

Apparently, the person on the other end of that pay phone is not stupid and knows she is f***in’ someone else.

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