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It was this past Monday (March 22) and I was working my shift as a cashier in the electronics department and this lady comes into my line and asks me if she can get a can of “Spray N Wash” for half price because the cap had a slight crack in it. Not knowing what to do since I’ve only been there for a month but never by myself until that night, I told her I’d have to call my CSM or Assistant Manager but before I could call the Assistant Manager I saw him coming my way so I called him over. I told him what the customer had asked and he said he couldn’t do that and we couldn’t even sell it to her because of the crack. He walked away. The lady then argues with me saying she wanted me to sell it to her. When I told her I could lose my job for selling it to her, she then got nasty with me and said “You expect me to use the other kind KNOWING I get a rash from it DON’T YOU!” (For the record, I’ve never seen this lady in my life). I then called my Assistant Manager over again and he told her the same thing. Finally after arguing with the lady, who insisted that we knew she got a rash from the red kind, he said just sell it to her. After I sold her the item, she looked into a cart that had reshop in it and saw the Sunday paper in it. She asked the sales associate if she could have it for free. When the lady said no, she got mad AGAIN and started arguing with us saying that no one would want the Sunday paper. Her husband had to drag her out of the store.

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