Lunch Time Recreation

This lovely story is coming from Latrobe, Pa. So it was normal day in the summer and I had to stop at wally-world to pick up some quick items. My whole experience IN the store lasted oh 15 minutes or so. I come back out to my car and I’m one of those people who park at somewhat of I distance cause hey, I don’t trust the driving skills of the frequent flyers of walmart. Parked at a diagonal in front of me is a large older dodge truck, and I notice the driver still in it. I get closer to my car and as I’m putting the code in I notice something vigorously moving in this trucks side mirror. I’m thinking to myself what the hell could that be? Once again its summer so his window is down and its broad daylight. So I get into my car still staring at this guy because now I’m curious because I see this constant movement. After blinking a few times and clearing my vision I can now see that the moving thing is his penis and he’s jacking off. Apparently he pushed his crotch up for anyone to get a glimpse…. I laughed for probably 15 minutes and then called everyone I knew who would appreciate it.

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