OMG!  Where do I begin?  Let me start by saying that your website has to be THE funniest site on the entire web. Absolutely brilliant! Funnier than hell!!   The photos are completely outrageous but it’s the captions underneath the photos that REALLY add to the hilarity of the photo.  Excellent job on the photo subtexts!   Everytime I go into a Walmart I always feel like an alien that’s been dropped in on some freaky sideshow and I seem to always look around at the “WalCreatures”(hilarious name, BTW) and think to myself, “Je-zus!  What has happened to America?!!  We’ve become a country of fat, creepy, weird people.”  In fact, I seem to always call my family or friends after I leave Walmart just to report on what new, bizarre sights I saw while shopping there.  It’s almost like I can’t believe what I see when I go in to that store, so I have to call someone just to report what I saw, to try and convince myself that it’s real!!   I do feel better knowing that I’m not the only one who sees this weirdness.
Awesome job!  I can’t stop laughing!!

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