Merry Christmas!

So closing in on the home stretch to Christmas, my boys and I popped into the local Mulletmart, errr Walmart to pick up a couple of quick items for a meal. While standing in the express checkout line in which I was about the 3rd person in line, I notice this man in the front of the line chatting it up with the cashier. He pays for his groceries, then turns to the lady behind in and in front of me, and tells her “Here ma’am, let me pay for your groceries. Merry Christmas” and proceeds to give her $20. Nice gesture but I was wishing he had more for me but no such luck. Oh well.

Meanwhile while waiting for the lady to get her items rang up and for her to pay, I noticed the line had grown quite long behind me. All of a sudden in the very same line I had just watched a nice gesture at Christmas time, a lady screams out, “Get the fuck away from me or I’ll call the cops.” I turned around to notice some Malibu’s Most Wanted wanna be gangsta white guy slowly walking away from said lady looking like he just got punked hard in front of everyone. I turned around and just started laughing out loud. Where else could I watch a nice gesture by someone and in the same line a minute later watch a near beat down.

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