My mom emailed me about your website 2 days ago. What can I say, my mama knows what I like (plus I get my love for mocking others from her). I immediately emailed it to everyone in my office. It is a miracle that any work was done over the past 2 days. Now it’s Saturday night and what am I doing? Cruising around your site making fun of the hate mail. Earlier my husband and I wandered around Walmart arguing over whose camera phone works better. I don’t understand the whole “making fun of the poor” garbage. They may not be poor; in fact, I think it’s very narrow-minded to assume all your subjects are poor. If someone walks out of their house looking like a complete moron, chances are they are one — regardless of social status. Stupidity does not discriminate based on class, gender, ethnicity, or religion. Stupidity is equal opportunity. And stupidity, like the herpes, is preventable but highly contagious. I suggest your hate-mailers use protection.

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