No Returns

Over the summer, my mom was waiting in line to return something at the customer service desk.  There was some crazy lady arguing with the cashier because she wanted to return a potted houseplant.  The clerk wouldn’t return the plant because she didn’t have a receipt, there were no tags or anything on the plant, and this woman was obviously nuts and trying to scam them.  My mom stood there for over 10 minutes while they argued back and forth about the plant.  My mom was getting tired so she moved up towards the counter just to put her bag down.  Crazy lady spun around and screamed in my mom’s face, “Hey lady!!  You can’t cut in front of me!”   My mom, full blooded Italian who takes NO shit, screamed back, “Yeah, well I JUST DID, so what are you gonna do about it?  And furthermore, who the HELL returns a houseplant anyway???”  Crazy lady got offended by this and spun back around the other way… when she did, she accidentally knocked the plant onto the floor where the pot broke and all the dirt went flying everywhere.  My mom laughed out loud at what happened, and Crazy lady got really mad and stormed out of the store.

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