No Running

Last night I had to stop at Walmart after getting off work late. I got the items I needed and went to check out the video game area, like I usually do. On my way over I was passed by about 5 giggling teenage boys about 15 or 16 years old. They were holding various odd items, condoms, funny hats, packaged knives, and some other stuff they obviously had no intent to buy. The started running through the photo development/electronics area when I photo tech guy yells out “No running, please!” This sent the swarm of boys into a loud giggling fit, they then continued to turn on each stereo system very loudly, each to a different station. The photo tech guy (keeping in mind this guy is about 6′ 7″ and looks like he could bench press a car, plus he had a pretty sweet pony tail) approaches the boys and gives them the kind of lecture that you could only get from and 80’s teen movie principal or someone who really hates kids. He proceeded to take all the items away from the kids and call 8, yes EIGHT security guards to escort the lads out.

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