Not Without Coups Babe

My wife and I spent our typical two hours grocery shopping one Saturday a few months back and we’re in line to check out. As usual there’s only like 5 registers open and the lines are backing up into the clothing departments. People are already losing their patience but everyone’s attention is drawn to this woman who is clearly at the end of her rope. This customer, a woman in her mid-late 30s in decent shape, kinda barbie doll looking in her workout clothes and her bleached hair bunched up on top of her head is throwing a fit over price matching ads from other grocery stores so the could save a few bucks. The poor cashier is doing the best she can but they came to a disagreement about one of the price matches and the cashier decided to hold her ground. There’s easily 8 customers with full baskets behind her and they’re all getting stressed out over the situation. The woman keeps pushing the issue and the cashier calls for the manager on duty. The manager comes over and after hearing the woman’s story and looking everything over, she agrees with the cashier and politely tells barbie that they can’t match the price. Barbie continues the fight and all the customers behind her are yelling for her to get over it and move it along. Barbie turns around, gets right up in the face of the woman behind her and says “FUCK. YOU.” Everyone’s jaw drops. The offended woman took a step back and her husband looks at barbie with shame in his eyes. People start getting pissed at this point and they’re all telling her to just drop the issue and move along. One of the customers even went as far as to say, “Why are you fighting for this, what will it save you, a DOLLAR? I’ll pay you five dollars to just get the hell outta here!” The woman declined by giving him the one-fingered salute and carried on with her argument with the manager and cashier. Finally the manager convinced her that the price match would not be honored and got her to check out.

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