Now That’s Dedication

A few weeks ago I was doing some late night shopping at Walmart. As I was walking out the door, I heard some yelling and commotion behind me. I spun around and saw a very large plasma screen HDTV balanced on a shopping cart coming at me really fast. I jumped out of the way and watched as a man ran as fast as he could with that cart out the door. Four associates chased after him. It reminded me of a cartoon or a comedy sketch. Those five men and that TV darted in and out of the aisles of the parking lot for a couple of minutes, until one of the employees finally caught up with the guy and tackled him to the ground. Sadly, the HDTV went down too. And broke into pieces. Those four associates continued to wrestle with that man and subdue him till the cops came and arrested him. Those are definately some dedicated Walmart associates.

State: FL

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