You should be ashamed of yourself.  You are nothing but a bully.  You should be disappointed in yourself.  I cannot fathom how you get joy out of making someone else suffer.  Grow a heart, a conscience, and a soul.  Learn some morals and values.

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  1. Gary Roush says:

    I think some of this is just a reaction to “I don’t give a shit” fatigue. There are so many people walking through life with what appears to be a complete lack of concern for standards. As they head out in public they don’t seem to give a shit about how they appear. They seem to think everything’s acceptable now. It’s not surprising that a website like this should exist as an outlet for people to decry the apparent crumbling of any effort to meet public standards.

    And I don’t mean to be impolite, but given that your post contains more than a dozen errors, I’m not particularly surprised that you are defending them.

    • awesomecarlshow says:

      Not everyone can have perfect spelling and some of us are differentially able I have autism i have a IQ of 72 but at least I do try to do my best whats your excuse for being rude. I agree some people should not ware certain things in Public but to act like high school kids making fun of them instead of walking up and trying to find out what is worng with them is not that smart.

      For example could the person not clean be homeless?
      Could the person wearing odd colths have mental issuies and be having a break?
      Could they be special needs or differently abled and without the person that supposed to watch them?
      Maybe you should ask your self those questions before assuming that everyone knowns what they should or should not wear.

      As for spelling or grammer errors i used spell check and no one is perfect disbite you thinking you are.

      • lol says:

        There is a difference between autism and the redneck, willfully stupid pieces of shit that are shown here.

        Not too mention their defenders on this site are just as fucked up.

  2. Санга says:

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  3. JW says:

    But screw propriety, dignity, self respect, and public decency.

  4. miaaaaaaaa says:

    hmm…if people hate this so much, dont come on here. ONG its more annoying when people make fights, vs. leaving them alone

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