Sometimes in battle, you just have to cut your losses and venture forward.


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  1. Don says:

    This photo must of been taken in San Francisco. The liberal shit hole is full of human feces on the streets.

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    • roidrhoid says:

      I was thinking more along the lines of a Trump rally.

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    • TrumpSucks says:

      Incorrect. That was left behind at a Trump rally. After all, Captain Shitty Pants, Ted Nugent was there. Or maybe it was Mrs Wannabe reporter shitty pants who crapped herself at a sorority party and now annoys people for Infowars.

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    • vicki says:

      That was the deposit YOU made after Trump fucked you up the ass

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  2. Adam Guevara says:

    Maybe….someone shouldn’t have ate Tacobell last night…LOL!

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  3. nano says:

    This reminded me of a smashed diaper I saw in a grocery store parking lot 2 weeks ago.

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  4. Kelly Jordan says:


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