All About The Benjamins


In a few years when your pimp has to keep adding bills to your arm due to inflation you are going to regret that tattoo.


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Opposites Attract


You look like a former WWF wrestler that wants to eat me, and I like that about you! By the way, in between eating people you must be the COOLEST dude in the world, because that chick is smokin’. So do work.


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Squirt Guns


Hahaha! Look at the skinny, small, elderly guy with the “Born to Kill” shirt. Hahaha! Yeah, you go ahead and test him tough guy, ’cause I’ve never seen a person killed by a 2 liter of Squirt before and I’ve decided that’s something that I want to see.


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Don’t worry everyone, I’ve already forwarded this pic over to Burberry. I figured it would be rewarding for them to see this and remind themselves why it was they got into the fashion and design business in the first place. I’m sure they will be ecstatic seeing their vision come to life.


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