Picking A Winner

Walking through the dairy aisle in Walmart, there was this couple in front of me. Being typical rude shoppers, they stopped in the middle of the aisle so that nobody could pass them. While the husband was perusing the yogurt section, his wife decided this was a good time to either scratch an itch or adjust her panties, not quite sure which because her hand COMPLETELY disappeared up her ass.

My reaction was a louder than planned, “SERIOUSLY?!?” The woman turned around and glared at me.

ME: “Yeah, I’m talking about you!”

This began a quite loud exchange of words between me, the woman standing next to me (she was on my side), the butt picker lady (BPL) and the butt picker’s husband (BPH).

The BPL told me I was rude and the BPH called me a few names. I screamed at her saying she had no manners. I then pointed out where the bathroom was and suggested that she use it to finish what she started and to wash her hands because I didn’t want her ass germs touching anything in the store, especially the food I was buying.

The woman next to me then chimed in and after a brief moment, I just had to walk away. I had to hurry up and get in front of these people so that the food I was going to pick up had less of a chance to be touch by her.

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