Picture Perfect

Is this just me or is this the most picture perfect postcard for the state of Alabama? Make it happen.


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  1. Don says:

    I would rather live in Alabama or almost any other southern state than NYS. The property taxes are killing me while I’m working. When I retire, its good bye the welfare state and free college for ileagles.

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  2. Kim says:

    I can’t see being mean-spirited about this one. I can see logical explanations…1) the truck, which may have been purchased later than the camper, is a long-wheel base, and the already owned slide-in camper is a short-wheel base, and they haven’t yet purchased an exact fit slide-in camper. 2) They are delivering a camper to someone else. 3) Maybe they are going to a work-site (EMPLOYMENT/JOB) out of town for a few days, and because the camper WILL fit long-ways, they can fortunately save on a hotel bill. Working people at a JOB-SITE would understand this. I can look at a situation and can see possibilities where some people are trying, and some just aren’t trying.

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  3. joe says:

    The engineer in me is struggling with the idea that this vehicle actually has a better weight balance than the normal fitting campers.

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