Pissed Off

I was working in the Connection Center (cell phone department) when an older gentleman approached me with a Wal-Mart bag in hand. He informed me that the service desk had advised him of our return policy (all phone returns must be done @ the Connection Center) and that he had a phone he wanted to return. As the gentleman was standing there, I started to detect a faint odor of urine. Being that he was older, I decided it was possibly just him and decided to remain polite and say nothing. I asked him what the problem was, and he informed me that he “couldn’t get the dag-blasted thing to work right”. Offering assistance, I reached out for the bag. Still maintaining eye contact with the customer and asking him to explain the problem, I thoughtlessly reached into the bag containing the phone and the package. Suddenly, it all came together. The phone and the inside of the bag were wet…with urine! I froze, sickened and mortified. I looked down, and without thinking said “There is pee all over the phone and the bag!?!” As I looked up at him, in complete disbelief, he just shrugged his shoulders and calmly said “It made me mad.” At this point there is a small audience forming. I looked up at him, and trying not to hurl, said “You are disgusting!” As I ran to the bathroom, I told one of the other associates to call management and have that disgusting old man removed!

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