Price Check Yourself

So I had just gone to the clothing department since I had gotten paid and I wanted to see if I could find something like a nice vest to wear over one of my long sleeved shirts. I’m guessing the vest I picked out had just been put out and might have been marked wrong at the time. I take it to the 1 item line since it’s the only item I am buying. This redneck man and his skanky girlfriend show up behind me carrying just chips and soda. Two items you can buy from any gas station at this time of night. Well I place the vest on the check out counter and the lady says to me “Did you find everything you were looking for today?” I answered politely and then she scans the item but the scan tells her error. She tries to rescan it once more. It still says error. She enters the item number on the tag which still brings up error on her check out computer. As she’s trying to think up other ways the item might scan in Mr. Redneck is getting anxious now. The girl at the check out stand asks me a quick question and then suddenly Mr. Redneck bursts. “FUCKING RETARD CAN’T OPERATE THE GOD DAMN REGISTER!!” at which point he places chips and soda on the counter and leaves pulling skanky gf along behind him. I turned to the girl and said “It’s not your fault. Some people just have no patience and besides I’m in no hurry.” She finally figures out a way to scan the item. And when she says “Have a nice evening.” I smile and say “Thank You Miss.”

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