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I was working at the greatest store on the planet (ha!) as a cashier when a woman I’ve had before came into my line. Every single time she comes into the store, she has a full cart of price matches and price adjustments “from a manager.” Because of her, I’ve gotten in trouble in the past for doing these various price adjustments, so when she came into my line this time, I was fully prepared for her. Not only were her ads from last year, but the manager who ok-ed them didn’t even exist! When I tried to explain this to her, she got all up in my face about how I’m a scrawny, no-good bitch and that I deserve to work in a hell-hole like Wal-Mart and if I don’t give her these prices, she’ll wait for me after work. I call my supervisor over and explain the situation. Not only does the supervisor apologize for how rudely she’s been treated but tells me to go ahead with the sale too. The worst part is that each item was only off by 5 cents at the most.

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