Quite Alarming

I found myself in need of some necessities about 3 or 4 days after having my baby. I was breast-feeding her, so really didn’t want to be gone too long. She’s also my first child (and only one), and I had little family support, so I was understandably a nervous mama.

I ended up in the store longer then I expected. Being the nervous mama, as soon as she wanted to be fed, I felt I had to feed her. I found the restroom and closed myself in a stall. It was a fairly new Walmart, and the restroom was pretty clean. It was also empty, thankfully.

As I was feeding my child, the fire alarm went off. LOUDLY. Have you ever heard a fire alarm in a fully tiled room? I think I may have gone blind for a moment, it was so loud. My only thought was to get my baby OUT of that building as fast as possible.

I left everything there, and just bolted. I was running to my car, before I realized, my boob was still hanging out. The parking lot was pretty full too, with everyone evacuating. Very embarrassing, I have to say.

My child is now 10 years old. She doesn’t seem to have any hearing difficulties. Only time she can’t hear me is when I’m asking her to clean her room, put away her dishes or take a shower.

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