First of all, I LOVE THIS SITE. I am the kind of person that could just spend hours people-watching anyway. It is almost a relief to me that others have noticed that Wal-mart attracts the most bizarre people in the universe. It is almost like a depot for extraterrestrials. Reading the hate mail, I have to laugh at the people accusing this site of promoting division between the classes. Don’t tell me that these people dress this way because they are poor and can’t afford better. That is BS. We grew up with a single mom supporting us, no car, food stamps, no money..but my mom always dressed us better than the richest kids in the city because she had a sewing machine and pride. Not once would she have ever allowed us to step foot from the house looking like we had just left a mental hospital. These people choose to dress this way, no one is holding a gun to their heads and forcing them to behave like that. I certainly respect diversity in all its forms, but that does not mean that we can’t laugh a little. Lighten up, haters! And yes, there are several pics on the site which might be offensive but I am a big girl and I can avert my eyes if I want to. Keep up the good work!

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