You guys are ridiculous. Honestly, get a hobby. This is so rude. How do you think these people feel when they see this? Probably terrible. How would you like it if a picture of you was on the internet for everyone to see and you were being made fun of? It’s not right. All hating should stop. I feel bad for all of these people. Who cares what they look like? They may not blend in, but so what? It’s good to be different. Seriously, this is crazy. Just stop it, all of it. The people who made, help with, and support this website, really need to get a heart and a life. Grow up. It’s not pre-school and your getting picked on, these are grown people and how they live their lifes, and if you find it humorous, that’s sick and wrong, and putting this up for everyone to see, and making fun of people, you really need a life and its sick and twisted. What ever YOU think it boils down to, no one wants to think deep into it, you look at it .. and it’s obvious it’s cruel. I’d like to meet the person who invented this, and punch them in the face.

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