Shorts To Skirts


Wow, this whole Caitlyn Jenner thing is really trending right now…

New York

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  1. CaptainCrankyDeux says:

    This is some white trash parents idea of a sick joke.

  2. DRAKE MALLARD says:

    He needs at least one of Bruce Jenner’s skills… running, jumping, or having a beaver.

  3. Popanator says:

    This one time when i was little i cut my own hair. Boy was Mom mad! I had to have it fixed. This reminded me of that.

  4. HyperAnimeFangirl says:

    First of all, do we know for sure that they’re boys? Because I’ve known a lot of young girls with ‘boy’ haircuts. Two, who the $%#! cars? They’re kids. Usually this website is funny but this is taking it over the line, even for PoW. The transphobia here is getting tiring and old.

    • Clary says:

      They probably had pixie style cuts that have grown out some. Nothing wrong with that. I had short hair when I was younger. So much easier to deal with in the heat! And I’m in agreement with you about this is taking it over the line.

      • JayDubIII says:

        Both of you need to lighten up and not take yourselves so serious.

        This is a site solely for the purpose of making fun of people. People with thin skin should go elsewhere if serious is your deal.

    • Messican says:

      You have to get to know Popanator.

    • Holden says:

      It’s amazing what gets American millennials riled up. You can make fun of almost anyone and anything, but DON’T TOUCH THE FAGS AND TRANSGENDERS!

      “I mean, wow, just wow. All the transphobia. I can’t even. I mean, it’s 2015. Hello?!”

      • Bluegrapes says:

        I notice lately how it’s becoming more “politically incorrect” to make jokes about trannies for some reason. I see plenty of other pictures with kids from the “parenting” tag that posters here have no problems making fun of. But because this picture involves some boys (95% sure they are) wearing skirts it’s bad to make fun of the kids?

  5. Candice Kamencik says:

    Considering they are wearing girls bathing suits, going to go ahead and draw the logical conclusion that they’re, you know, little girls. As opposed to assuming someone is dressing their kids trans-gendered just becuase they have, *gasp* short hair. Cause we all know little girls cannot possible have short hair. Seriously PoW, they’re just kids, get the fuck over yourselves.

  6. nfgtfb says:


  7. tonydadon says:

    I wonder how many “Catelyn Jenners” we’re gonna see on here around Halloween…?

  8. John Mortensen says:

    Considering that they’re offspring of Walmartians, it could possibly be they recently had a case of head lice. . . .

    • Cassie M Schoonover says:

      i remember ages ago a family that rode the same bus as me, they all got lice and the parents caught the hair off all three daughters and their hair was like this…

  9. William Combs says:

    Not to bust people’s chops but 100 years ago, boys did in fact wear dresses.

  10. admiralbrown says:

    I am all in favor of diversity, but not forcing it onto little kids that do not understand the subtleties yet.

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