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I came off the bus in front of Walmart, and as I was approaching the front door, this old man rolled up on his bike. He was wearing a blue jeans skirt, and it was obviously a very windy day because I would catch a glimpse of his old, scraggly legs a few times. I shiver, and head into the Walmart to get my stuff. I’m walking past the young boys/girls clothing section a (which was next to the washrooms near the back wall) and as I head past, that old man and his skirt walks by me and goes into the washroom. Okay, whatever. So I do my shopping for a couple minutes, then decide I’m done shopping. I walk by the boys/girls clothing section again because the checkout is around the same area, when who do I see? Mr. old guy who likes to wear skirts. But this time instead of wearing a blue jeans skirt, he was rocking a short, bright yellow polyester skirt. He then went outside, got on his bike, and rode away into the sunset, skirt flapping in the air.

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