Smashed Buns


Those buns look like the package of buns that were at the bottom of the box on the shipping truck then managed to be underneath all the other buns on the shelf and finally just wind up being a jumbled mess in the clearance bin. Not great.


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  1. Jen says:

    Camel-toe butt.

  2. Maybe while shes at walmart she can by some Tide and wash her tiny too tight tooch trousers

    • off the reservation says:

      or maybe she could just buy clothes that fit and toss those, since she has apparently had them since she was 14.

  3. off the reservation says:

    More proof that the average walmartian doesn’t own a mirror.

  4. Popanator says:

    She is looking at the words and she is reading them.

  5. admiralbrown says:

    Even I am asking for the eye bleach. Would these be the shorts equivalent of Mom Jeans?

  6. zendaddy621 says:

    Someone needs to tell her that she is way past both the age and weight limits for those shorts…

  7. bigstimpycat says:

    this is a guy.

  8. Sejanus says:

    So..what exactly is it?

  9. off the reservation says:

    You know, from the posture it appears to be a guy scratching his balls. Could it be Bruce?

  10. Zarolha says:

    Cellulite. check. varicose veins. check. droopy ass hanging. check. dirty clothes. check. DING DING. we gat another Walmart winner.

  11. ishabaka says:

    Looks like she has PGAD.

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