Smells Like Rump

While Christmas shopping at Walmart,  my wife and I were standing in line waiting to check out.  There was a HUGE woman in front of us but we were not packed too tight where we had to be that close to her.  Since there were so few cashiers on duty,  we eventually became packed in line forcing us closer to the woman in front of us.  All of a sudden,  we both got a whiff of what I can only describe as “butt-stink”  as time passed,  we were forced closer and closer to this woman.  We eventually got to the point that there was no way out.  She smelled so bad that my wife actually began to dry heave.  There was no way we could change lines due to the heavy traffic.  I tried my best to cover my nose but that failed.  I thought about breathing through my mouth but that made me want to puke as  I didn’t want to taste that smell.  My wife had to leave the line and waited for me by the door.  After she paid for her items and started to leave,  I told her that she smelled so  nasty that people were actually feeling sick.  I have never said anything like that before but I thought it was my civic duty to tell her to clean her ass.  All she said to me was, “My husband doesn’t mind how I smell.”

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