So Much Rawr


Walmart has made the predator/prey relationship that much easier for the beast these days. Even the slowest of the herd can feed.


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  1. CaptainCrankyDeux says:

    I need to go get some aspirin as this picture has so much shit going on it’s given me a headache.

  2. zendaddy621 says:

    If this beast spots you, back slowly away, avoid direct eye contact, and if cornered, a sharp blow to the nose is recommended…

  3. Sejanus says:

    I bet when it tears into its fries and chicken, it growls

  4. Popanator says:

    She is getting a dinner and then she will go home and watch TV. She likes TV about cartoons.

  5. tonydadon says:

    Huh…….space between the top and bottom says Honky, Ankles say different?????
    Anybody ?

  6. Zarolha says:

    For a second I thought its ass blew out then I realized it was the leopards trying to escape

  7. DOJORODA says:

    American Culture. She adorns herself as to repel any possible higher level contact from non-chromosome damaged suitors.

  8. admiralbrown says:

    Wisconsin? !!!, Not the state I would have guessed, but they do have lots of cheap beer.

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