Soak In The Summer

Looks like that thing is gonna absorb all the water in the pool.


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  1. webjnke says:

    For extra stability … get the one with wings.

  2. nano says:

    Repeat, but still funny nonetheless.

    I think I saw those for sale at my local WM, but I don’t recall if there was the display model. I think seeing them made me laugh a bit.

  3. Moddy says:

    But will the float keep you dry?

  4. Bob says:

    That’s bloody funny.

  5. Brian says:

    This made me laugh so damn hard!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Maxipads…now made in extra large for extra absorption and extra comfort

  7. Teresa Latham says:

    Hilarious I still cant quit laughing.

  8. Deuce Pinscher says:

    Those are about the right size for Wal-Mart’s larger female customers.

  9. Stefanya says:

    A MONSTER pad brilliantly engineered for a MONSTER vagina! Finally pads in ALL vagina sizes!

  10. Bob_of_Bonsall says:

    I know you’ve got some bloody big landwhales over there, and yes, the UK is catching up, but, hells bells, that is some size!

  11. Ray Palmer says:

    Hey…. go easy on this. It is custom made for the star of the movie “Attack of the Fifty Foot Woman”!

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