Southern Roots

That’s it people, keep looking at Russian and border walls. That’s exactly where they want you concentrating and then BOOM! The South rises again!


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  1. BareBackBarack says:

    Anyone who doesn’t want to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN needs to pack their traitor bags and move to whatever SHITHOLE they think is better. GET THE F*CK OUT!


    If you don’t want America to be great, what the F*CK are you even doing here?

  2. BareBackBarack says:

    At least you know he’s not going to rob you and leave you in a ditch, like he would if he was wearing a BLM terrorist organization shirt.

    • moron says:

      Nope, he would just fuck his sister with his microdick while drinking $2 a sixpack swill and smoking meth.

  3. lol says:

    This guy is begging for a post-partum abortion. Why is it that no one besides the ignorant shop at walmart?

    Oh yeah, only the ignorant buy their low quality shit.

  4. Terrance says:

    To all Swine Motherfucking (STINKY) Swine skins of 20k since you can remember the land was made buy rapist that were prejudice against the opposite race but still stuck they pink thing in it you know like a dog has Lol!All of you are safe behind a random post on a Walmart page where you all was born at lol Who wants to be a white non athlete stinky mudding dirty faggot that is to pussy to be racist in public lol not me lol

  5. Johnson says:

    I use white bitches because they all swollow cum!Hell it could be someone they just meet then gulp they just swallowed a black mfs cum!Just to think that all you whit mfs commenting got white moms that do the shit soooo I hope y’all don’t kiss ya moms ewwwwwww how that nut taste?????Mad we took y’all white doggy hamster smelling white cunts huh???Lol I’d be mad too lol lol lol!!!!!

  6. Whitan says:

    They need more of your wearing these instead of commenting like a pussy that needs fucked but if it’s white then it probably smells awfully bad man trailer park stinky cunt.All white quick to claim a non racial white mans role and try to claim racism when your IQ is low opioid addiction druggies that are just (WHITE TRASH)!You don’t own shit or work for any government and no one is paying for shit of yours lol stop posing like you are a successful white man when they would not scoop low to comment on anything like this like a pussy to make yourself feel good when you won’t say that shit like a man and stand on it to every person who makes you feel that way lol such trash remedial pussies ha this is great lol (I’m White)

  7. Mose says:

    Hey White trash you waisting time hiding behind comments smh go be tuff somewhere in person actually maga fag!

  8. MAGA FGGOT says:


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