Stinky Chicken Mess

Today I went to the local Walmart. While I stood in the very long line at customer service, I saw a man holding a plastic bag containing something that was leaking all over the floor. Everyone was just walking around this wet mess, including two Walmart employees. There was also a very bad smell in the area. Finally after about 15 minutes of standing in line, it was his turn at the desk. He then pulled out TWO EMPTY styrofoam containers that once held chicken legs. He complained that the chicken smelled bad and that everyone that ate the legs got sick, blah blah blah. I know that if I opened a container of chicken that smelled bad, I sure as hell wouldn’t cook it and serve it to my family. Anyway, he whined and whined and was granted store credit in the amount of the chicken. So he left and now I am third in line, but just as I get to first place (FINALLY!) his bony butt comes back with packages of hot dogs, bologna and sausage. After all is said and done, he got 99 cents back, including all that food. And even after I was done with my transaction, there was still stinky, wet, chicken blood on the floor waiting for a lawsuit. Hooray for salmonella!

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