Sugar, Water, Purple


Got me thirsty this morning girl. I want that purple stuff.


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  1. Joe Blohe says:

    Candidate for a Jim Jones KoolAid event.

  2. Popanator says:

    She says those are the same as you!

  3. CaptainCrankyDeux says:

    One time mean Gene put a bunch of grapes on my bicycle seat and my clothes were purple. This reminds me of that.

  4. meltemi says:

    she’s complaining about the zippers…they distract from the purpleness.

  5. LMiNehatO says:

    I wonder where Grimace was planning to go?

  6. zendaddy621 says:

    Gee, I wonder what her favorite color is…

  7. Sejanus says:

    Mrs Barney the Dinosaur.
    Who knew he was rockin` the jungle fever.

  8. admiralbrown says:

    It makes it easy to get dressed in the morning when everything you own is in monochrome.
    Purple wouldn’t be my first choice of color.

  9. Zarolha says:

    One time when I was working at McDonalds this lady axed me for some purple drank. I didn’t no and she got mad at me. Called me a cracker retart. This reminded me of that.

  10. infogoddess says:

    Its a purple people eater !

  11. beccababy73 says:

    Violet Beauregard in the flesh. Bet she has some Oompa Loompas in those suitcases.

  12. DOJORODA says:

    Oprah met Grimace in the dark part of the parking lot for a french fry/sex orgy. The result, is a largely unattractive mess of confused DNA and an insatiable desire to always be an eye sore. The look on the face of the poor Walmart employee shows what we all feel.

  13. LottaT says:

    Hmmm. I’ve got this sewing tool called That Purple Thang. Someone know her addy, I think she needs one…

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