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So just in case you guys ever need video evidence of why we here at PoWM have great job security, here are some Walcreatures at their finest –  We’ve got (1) Two white trash women fighting over aisle space in Walmart (2) One in a motorized scooter that seems to get up and rowdy rather quickly. (3) Mother of the year instructing her 6 year old to “Punch her in the f*cking face” & (4) People standing around filming it for our pleasure. Basically the only thing that actually surprised me in this entire video is their clothes pretty much fit them.


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  1. meltemi says:

    They’re fighting over who gets to take popanator to Lake Michigan. The winner doesn’t have to go.

  2. Messican says:

    This is how wars get started.

  3. Zarolha says:

    Love these quotes “White trash at its finest”, “look out, comin this way”. “somebody needs to do sumthin.., “uhuh, you can get sued the way lawsuits go these days.
    PS What wasy the one pig doing in the handicap cart?

  4. Rbseym says:

    This just might be the best thing ever posted on POW.

  5. Sejanus says:

    I think it is fake.
    There was not a single person of colour represented in that commercial.
    Oh wait.
    Not a commerc…shit.

  6. fuggetaboudit says:

    The mom who was egging her kid on to punch the other woman, should lose that kid..anyone call CPS on that cow?? They should.

    • Dr. Penguin says:

      And based on the kid’s reaction, it didn’t seem like it was the first time this had happened…

      • DOJORODA says:

        It’s ok, he probably visits his “father” at the penitentiary. Given the chromosome damage of the mother and the odds that this kid had any sort of fighting chance at anything resembling a solid home life anyway. The redneck-ness runs deep. His behavior is condoned by the mother, even encouraged. Someday, he and dear old “Dad” may just get to share a cell together.

    • futenma says:

      3 hooves up and a moo, on your statement. LOL!

  7. admiralbrown says:

    I like the fights on Jerry Springer better. At least one woman tries to rip the shirt off another woman. Nothing like fighting like an Amazon with one breast exposed.

    • vallie47 says:

      This was more like a couple of bufforillas trying their damndest to expose their own (shudder) hyenas/hienies/hineys/azzzzes.

  8. Murphys says:

    Reminds me of a couple of water-buffaloes fighting over territory.

  9. DOJORODA says:

    Another sad and pathetic commentary on just how far we’ve fallen. I hope they were both charged for assault and creating a disturbance, as well as child endangerment. That sadly enough, was probably the most physical thing either have them have done in a long time.

  10. Jen says:

    Nice “response time” from Wal-mart security…

  11. broketaxpayer says:

    The child is in CPS custody for now. How many of you think he will be returned to the “loving” arms of his mother? There’s no hope for him.

  12. Sas Jansen says:

    I am Dutch! I live in Netherland and this vid about the Walmart made it to the morning news show on Dutch TV Whahahahaha. We don’t have Walmarts omg.. That kid was used to hit, mum asked hit her and he hit her twice.. My god what a creatures!

  13. ishabaka says:

    Need to work on their jiu jitsu if they want to make it in the UFC.

  14. LMiNehatO says:

    Brought to you by: Indiana’s best comodity, Corn!

  15. Jerry says:

    Black Friday fun day!

  16. The Contentious Otter says:

    You see, this is why the NRA fights so hard for gun rights. If both of those women had been taking advantage of Indiana’s lenient gun laws then it could have been a double homicide in Wal-Mart and the world would be less two white trash breeders! Then we’d all know for certain the boy wouldn’t be left in the hands of his mother because she’d have died right in front of him!

  17. Indy says:

    This was not fake.. the blonde was calling a walmart employee a N-G– and the dark headed one told her to shut up and the blonde was on a cart..(she look handicap to you?) .. they are still talking about charges being brought on and cps looking into the kid. I’m sick of hearing it on the news.

  18. Kat says:

    This is GOLD.

  19. Aaron says:


    I mean, let’s forget about the two grown women fighting in the middle of Walmart for a minute, and focus on the fact that the mom was telling her kid to “punch her in the fucking face”.

    Yeah, kids should be like cars. You should have to get a licence and pass a test to own and operate one.

  20. sarah says:

    this makes me so embarassed to live in Indiana. oh dear lord.

  21. Jsharp says:

    Why someone didn’t step in and break this up is beyond me. I certainly would have.

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