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I used to be a cashier at a Walmart, and during my first week, a customer approached my line with a lot of produce. He asked me to double bag his produce, which I was happy to do. He then got angry at me and said “Next time someone tells you to double bag, make sure the handles on the inner bag are facing up so they can grab it, otherwise that defeats the purpose of double-bagging. But you’re a woman, so you wouldn’t know any better.” He then told me that no woman has ever made any contribution to society, and went on to say “But that’s okay. If it wasn’t for us dumbass men, you’d be just like those damn towel-heads in Iraq, banging their clothes against a rock.” I stared in horror and confusion as he went on a five minute tirade against the Iraqi people and then stormed off. The next girl in line and I just stared at each other, dumbfounded. A door greeter had seen this and recognized him, and ran to get a supervisor. Apparently he comes in now and then to harass new female cashiers, despite being told several times he’s not allowed in the store.

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