how would people like if i posted some bad pics of you and comment on them!!! yea you proble not like that!! YOU MOTHER FUCKS ARE THE WORST STORE EVER!!!!!!!!!!


why would you people do this to people by taking pictures of them! Lke if some one dyes thier hair a weird color you are just going to put that on there with out asking them! Like people dress that and you make fun of that! Thats just wrong you people should be happy that […]


Honestly, I get it. I have seen similar people out and about in my daily life, and yes, I quietly laughed. It is a natural reaction. But you take it so much further. Why? Sure, some people like to see it. I imagine it makes them feel slightly better about some of the choices they […]


wow…just plain mean. I’m certainly happy that walmart and its customers have made this site generate revenue. the tremendous amount of ads on it is astonishing. KUDOS to your sponsors…HYATT, FACEBOOK, and SPRINT…just to name a few. All for a dollar! wow…jump on the Walmart bandwagon why don’t ya. Impressive business model.