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I would just like to say that I work at Wal Mart as a cashier and I usually check out PoWM before I go to work. It helps me get through the day. The people who write hate mail and feel that PoWM mocks innocent people have obviously never worked as a cashier in a Wal Mart on food stamp day. If people have a problem with being mocked, they shouldn’t leave the house without a bra or common courtesy. Maybe these people who write the hate mail are offended because their relatives are featured in the pictures a little too much. There’s no telling. All I do know is that is my little confidence booster and I love it so. Keep up the good work, and if you need another caption writer you’ll know where to find me.

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I currently live in New York City, which has outlawed most “Big Box” stores so that Mom and Pop places can flourish, but I attended a rural college where WalMart was the place we went for everything. After reading some of the hate mail from people, they need to understand (at least from people like myself) that I’m not making fun of handicapped people. I have a number of people in my family that are severely mentally ill, including my younger sister. For me, this site represents other aspects of WalMart that I don’t like–a big corporation that uses slave labor to make clothing in other countries, has extreme underlying pro-Christian values (refusing to sell the morning after pill and only Christian-based religious books) and earns most of its money by selling cheap junk food, alcohol and firearms to those below the poverty line. I have been poor a number of times in my life, but I didn’t go to WalMart and spend my last $10 on five cases of soda and a King James Bible. Although there have been times in my life where I was drunk, sick, coming from the beach, or had to use the toilet, I never walked in bloody, covered in mud, half-naked, and always wore some form of shoe. This site is NOT aimed at the mentally ill. It’s aimed at the people with little to no home training or sense of self-respect. This also goes for those in WalMart that ruin merchandise, shoplift, and let their kids freak out. It’s twisted, it’s irreverent and it’s fun. It’s People of WalMart and I support you 100%!!!

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Your site has helped inspire me to lose weight, always brush my hair before I leave the house, and to remember that when I’m on my way to a costume party and need to pick something up at the store, I’m not as weird as I think I am. Thank you!

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The captions and comments are honestly hilarious! Top notch comedy! Equal to the photos! Thank you for the good laughs!

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