Shape Up Or Ship Out


My mullet, your mullet, her mullet, permmullet….


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True Walmart Fashion


This guy is really on fire with that skullet and rocking socks with sandals….and the flame pants, yes the flame shorts are on “fire”. Dammit.


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Stay Focused


Although not our intention, many of you will automatically look at the fact that there are people in the scooters. For that reason we normally do not post these types of pictures. However, I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night knowing I didn’t share with everyone a mullet fit only for the Gods!


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Mullet Love


These my friends, are known as power mullets. It’s origins date back to the World Strongest Man competitions circa 1991. These mullets have been know to dead lift Camaros on their own.

Florida & South Carolina

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3 Comments Florida  //  Mullets/Tails  //  South Carolina

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