Viva La Mullet


This could be one of the top 3 mullets of all time! Are you kidding me? It’s so short and businesslike in the front, and when you get around back there is a party that Hugh Hefner would be jealous of. Fantastic.


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106 Comments Mullets/Tails  //  Virginia

Skullet and Crossbones

The elusive thug-skullet……quite a rare appearance. Enjoy!

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178 Comments Mullets/Tails  //  Nevada

Hammer Time


We haven’t had a great mullet spotting on here for a while, so we figured we would come at you strong with this fantastic two-tone gem accompanied with what I believe to be some sort of awful hammer tattoo.


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164 Comments Florida  //  Mullets/Tails

Lots Of Tail


It’s not her fault; that guy’s fabulous rat tail makes all the girls pull their skirts up.


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