Thanks COVID

This is what happens when sorority girls have to quarantine for a few months and they’ve got no reason to go through their normal tedious hygiene routine.


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  1. Ralph Mansi says:

    So ladies how would you like to see her in your bathroom???

    • Canuckguy NB says:

      I wonder what the other beard looks like.

    • Nope says:

      That would b a hell fucking nope for me. I don’t care what u pretend to b. Other women r creepy enough. A man claiming to b a woman? Fuck that shit. Go brave it out in the men’s room bitch

    • james scott says:

      I like how you can see the Walmart emblem over his hand, looks like he’s carrying a flower…lol

    • Miguel says:

      Now really, how do you expect me to reply to a question like that? Do I look like a lady to you by any chance? You must be a pervert, go take a dive in Lake Michigan to cool your pants off =)

  2. Steve Canyon says:

    Gonna land a high status sasquatch dressed like that.

  3. Tom says:

    How the hell is the head fatter than the stomach/abdomen?

  4. Leave it sacred says:

    The face n neck look good to me. Everything below that is too weird n disturbing. The face isn’t worth it.

    • Canuckguy NB says:

      It must be mentally ill.
      Otherwise it would have fancied up a bit by shaving the legs and face and getting a better hair do. As it is, looks like it smells to high heaven.
      (Only in Walmart does every day look like Halloween)

  5. Joe Scheiss says:

    1) His shoes dont go withthat outfit. 2) Why is he wearing socks with open back shoes. ugh.

  6. Joe Scheiss says:

    Anyone else thin the head was photo shopped on?

  7. Corbon says:

    The top, middle, and bottom parts don’t seem to go together. The bottom part seems thicker than the middle, while the middle seems elongated — and then there’s the giant head.

  8. Mike says:

    Did someone photoshop their nightmare???

  9. Miguel says:

    If you don’t eat your soup like a nice boy you’ll end up like this.

    True for nice girls too.

  10. Hit says:

    I’d hit that!

    • Miguel says:

      I was going to call for volunteers but I see we’ve got one already! Right, you get ahead while the queue is short and then come tell us what it was like!

  11. Dave says:

    She, oooops I mean he, is suffering from severe anorexia.

  12. R a Man says:

    Democrat base…

  13. Scorched Earth says:

    This dude is like a train wreck. It’s a horrible thing to look at, yet it’s so hard to take your eyes off it.

    Scorched Earth

  14. Kelly Jordan says:

    Nice calves!

  15. Julie says:

    What? This is pretty normal in Seattle.

  16. Lib Tard says:

    HAHAH Another Libera/ Democrat low life and surely a Biden voter or Bernie Bro. Where’s my free stuff?

  17. Crybaby LoserTrump says:

    Poor loser much? This is Trump incognito after he slithers off to Moscow to avoid prosecution and loses the two hundred plus pounds of bullshit he’s been lugging around in his micro-brain for four god-awful years.

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