That’s Doo Doo Baby!

My sister used to work at one of the local Walmarts that happens to be on a side of town with a high immigrant population. This leads to many misunderstandings and sightings Americans might find culturally odd, no more, however, than what she witnessed one day. She was a cashier and during slow times of the day she was required to do returns. She went to the canned food aisle to return several items to the shelf when she realized there was poop all down the aisle. She went to get the manager, who along with my sister, tracked down the culprit by following the fecal trail. Apparently, this immigrant woman, who was wearing a skirt, was walking down aisles shopping and pooping at the same time. The manager and the woman got into a screaming match when he tried to explain to her that she just couldn’t walk down the aisles and drop bowel movements. The woman left the store and some poor Walmart employee (thankfully not my sis) had to clean it up. The worst part? The woman came back and did the same thing two more times before management told her she couldn’t shop there anymore!

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