The Cat Chat

A long time ago, I worked at a Walmart in southern Utah. I had the prestigious position of cart pusher. I saw a lot of strange things because of it. One of the stranger things I saw one day were 2 large ladies. Maybe a lady and her middle aged daughter. They had a cat inside a cage and the cat kept pacing around inside the cage meowing like it wanted to get out. They were going into the store.

The middle aged lady said something to the effect of, “Miles! Don’t complain to me! We came here for you! Now you settle down while we go shopping, ok?”

The cat continued to meow in protest, or perhaps telling the lady she was a bitch in cat speak.

“I told you to stop complaining so stop!” She said as they walked into the store. Even cat ladies get out of the house once in a while, perhaps the smell of cat urine becomes unbearable, even to them.

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