The finest in Wal-creature engineering

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  1. Don says:

    In my day I had to use rubber gas line. When the line froze and the 66 Ford Falcon quit along side the road. A gallon milk jug and 2 feet of rubber hose got me home

  2. Austin says:

    What fascinates me with these “redneck” repairs is that the actual repair looks a lot more involved in terms of time and materials spent on the repair than fixing the actual problem the intended way, and also require quiet a bit of ingenuity. Perhaps the repairman had the parts on hand, or perhaps only knows this way, and not how it is actually fixed, which for the skilled person, would be a much easier repair, eg putting in a new gasoline pump, or running a new line.

  3. Sergio C Allen says:

    when karen talks to much shit and you relies you have to hit the bitch

    • Sir Grammar Police says:

      Above! ☝ Dear Lord! Could you have WORSE grammar and spelling??? Your comment looks and reads like the picture you are commenting on! Not too mention the people on this website… Let me guess? Your education runs up to about the 3rd grade, and your job/career requires ZERO/NO critical thinking, writing, interacting with other human beings??? Yep, I think that about sums it up! ( *to much… *and you relies… )

  4. John Klein says:

    It’s a gambler, if I had to guess.

  5. Mjcosme2191 says:

    *to mention

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