The Pink Panther

I worked in the Garden Center at my local Wal-Mart for a few months. When I opened one morning there was this older lady who came in right when I was opening up. She was wearing somthing really bright colored, too much makeup and had a really dark fake tan. It was like she was trying really hard to hide the fact that she was old. So after she is done shopping and is checking out she is talking to me. Seemed like a harmless lonely old lady at first but then somehow we get on the subject of dogs and she starts in about how she is terrified of dogs because she got bit once. Then she pulls up her pantleg to show me her scar and wants me to feel it. Next, she pulls pictures out of her bag so she can show me the picture of the stiches. And she just keeps going on and on and won’t go away. Then she finally leaves and the girl who waters the flowers comes back from wherever she was hiding and says “I see that you met the pink panther lady.” So I figured she called her that because of the way she dressed until she told me her story. She goes and hides when the pink panther lady comes in because she won’t go away and has all these crazy stories about random stuff. Once she told the waterer about her collection. She has thousands of pink panther stuffed animals all over her house (she carries pictures of these around too) and she pretends they are real and has tea parties and birthday parties for them. Once she called the police because she thought someone stole one when it fell behind the couch. So I get the story and I ask why they didn’t warn me. Apparently, the pink panther lady is like Garden Center initation and you have to find out for yourself.

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