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While I was 19 years old, CSMing one night, I heard a commotion by the front restrooms. I mosied my way up there, to see 2 young college aged girls, one obviously very upset, the other comforting her friend. I didn’t pay much attention, and kept on to give them their “privacy” in the middle of a public place for what I could only assume was a tragic event. As I stand back by the podium again, my coworker rushes up and said, “OMG, that girl thats freaking out by the bathroom? She’s holding a pregnancy test IN HER HAND and screaming on the phone that it’s positive!” After I heard this, i decided that a trip to the restroom was in order to “wash my hands”. The crying was still going on in the restroom, which now had added a concerned looking boy waiting outside the door, at which point i heard the “smart” friend say to the mommy-to-be “Don’t worry honey, don’t worry. We’ll take care of it, I swear.” And the ultra classy response to finding out you are pregnant in a walmart restroom? “I don’t even care. Let’s just go get fucked up.” I have never been more at a loss….

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