Tooter McGavin


While I was typing this…I threw up.


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  1. Popanator says:

    She has words on her shirt and they say go to Mcdonalds for Good Food and see Popanator!

  2. CaptainCrankyDeux says:

    Spend less time eating which results in your farting and spend more time pushing away from the table and whip that butt ugly body in to shape.

  3. zendaddy621 says:

    Hmm, I thought she always smelled like that…

  4. John Mortensen says:

    Three times a lady. .. . . .

  5. Dewed says:

    She must be continually farting

  6. off the reservation says:

    Another fine example of the disgusting human debris populating this country. Probably graduated the 8th grade with a single digit IQ.

  7. Cybrsk8r says:

    And I thought MY legs were pasty white.

  8. Cybrsk8r says:

    I rather doubt that. Judging by the size of her ass, the average fart would blow the cameraman right off his feet.

  9. jeffrey stone says:

    While I was reading I got hard !!!

  10. DOJORODA says:

    Another globular poverty queen, shopping at Walmart, wearing the Goodwill uniform of the day. Note the tattoo’s. They all seem to be able to afford them – yet can’t afford dental care. Please, someone douse it with something that causes infertility.

  11. Jen says:

    Wal-mart uniform shirt.

  12. admiralbrown says:

    Just rude and crass, what sort of positive public image are you projecting.

  13. Fuldermox says:

    So, her boyfriend there is a Fart Eater?

  14. Sejanus says:

    And ya know..some guys will think she is cool for that shirt and wanna lay her…just soak that one in for a moment.

  15. Miguel says:

    I have no reason to disbelieve the wording.

  16. beccababy73 says:

    This is exactly why other countries make fun of us! Notice her man has backed up in horror.

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