What The Bloody Hell?!?

I work the overnight shift at the Wonderful World of Wally and I have seen some strange, interesting, hilarious and down right scary things and people.

Last night nature called and since I was near the front of the store I decided to use the public restroom. First and last time I will ever do that! As I entered the handicap stall (I like to have room to do my business.) the first thing that catches my attention is the overflowing trash can with a pair of underwear right on top. I shrug it off and as I am about to undo my pants I notice a few drops of blood on the floor in front of the sink. THEN I finally notice the toilet! There was blood smeared all over the seat, blood dripped all down the sides and front and all over the floor around it. I decided I no longer needed to go potty so I just scrubbed my hands within an inch of their lives and got the hell out of there!

This was a better experience than the time I used the associates restroom and discovered the place covered in shit and a nice, used Depends draped over the trash can.

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