When Walmart Calls For You

Walmart Mask

Meet Jill, she lives in Arkansas and she proudly frequents Store #1 several times a week. She ran out of masks, but decided that instead of boiling noodles that day she’d wear the lid to her cooker instead. She frollicked to store #1, argued with the greeter that this was proper ppe. Won. Grabbed her cigarettes and santa panties, did the self checkout and left. Don’t be Jill.


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  1. MaskedMan says:

    ‘’’ …one giant leap for WalMartian kind.”

  2. Steve Canyon says:

    I’m going to do that next Halloween, and go as Jeffery Dahmer’s last meal as a free man.

  3. lol says:

    Fucking piece of shit southerners.

    Send her back to the trailer park.

  4. Scorched Earth says:

    I’d hit that shit!

    Scorched Earth

    • Scorched Earth says:

      I have no doubt you would

      And by the way: stop plagiarizing my name!

      Scorched Earth

      • Scorched Earth says:

        STFU you pathetic sock puppet. Stop trying to steal my good name.

        You are just jealous that Scorched Earth fucks his sister nightly. We get my trailer rockin’!

        Piss off!

        Scorched Earth

      • WhoBuiltTheCages says:

        That’s how Joe made it to DC …

        • Trump std spreader says:

          Thank ur trump the chump for putting us into this mess to begin with. He couldn’t get his tiny dick up enough to spread std as much as he wanted to all u sister fuckers

          • CreamPiecUrMom says:

            Hey, you dog-fucking, sperm-gurgling piece of shit — your fucktarded idols, people like Joe and Nancy: were against blocking people coming in from where this started; are 100& on board with shutting down everything; and for taking away your rights. I know that you refer to each of them as Comrade, and that really shows just how far our education system has fallen — and just how corrupt our entertainment-news system is.

          • lol says:

            They all suck but the orange turd was in a position to do something positive.

            Instead he called it fake and caused his cult of trumpanzees to go out and spread it around more.

            The dipshits in congress could do little about the lack of response from that fat, orange, microdick fuckhead.

          • dlsafd says:

            Ah yes…
            It is another appearance from our basement communist.

          • lol says:

            Says the inbred third-grade dropout that doesn’t know what communism is.

            Protip: no one here and no one in DC endorses anything approaching communism.

  5. just me says:

    personally, a awsum FUCK YOU to the whole scamdemic, and a more effective PPE than the rest of the sheeple wearing.

    • Covidiots b damned says:

      That’s why fuckers like u r spreading sickness. Let’s put all u cunts in a room together n not let u out till u leave in a body bag.

      • just sayin says:

        brainwashed moron, enjoy your front seat in the cattle cars on the way to the “FEMA” (residential containment facilities), camps.
        going to hold your arm out to be tattoo’d like the tiny hats did in 1941 as well?
        (MIT insists on DYE added to vaccines for ease of contact tracing)
        or are you just another paid government shill pushing the disinformation angle so the rest of the herd don’t get frightened and rebel?

        • lol says:

          You Qtards are so pathetically fucktarded.

          Seriously, how do you remember to breathe?

          A first-grade dropout is the all-knowing one who we need to listen to?


      • dlsafd says:

        A sickness with a 99.98% survival rate. That is not an opinion, it is a fact from your benevolent CDC.

        …but your retardation…

        …that is far more dangerous.

        Sucks to be you!

        • lol says:

          A sickness that is getting more contagious.

          A sickness that is permanently damaging healthy people.

          If you think it is a binary you die or don’t you are more fucktarded than previously estimated.

          We may need to increase the ranges of fucktardness to accommodate fucktards like you.

    • lol says:

      Fuckheads like you better not get the vaccine, and when you get sick don’t go to the hospital.

      It isn’t real, right?


  6. Mary says:

    Is anyone else concerned that the person who updates this website is ill? We haven’t seen anything new for awhile. I truly hope that’s NOT the case. If it is, I wish you a full and speedy recovery.

  7. OSHA says:

    Congratulations on POW’s most toxic comment section of all time.

  8. Edward Jobin says:

    The light in her oven has grown dim.

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