Who Will Save Your Soul?

This happened 4 or 5 years ago at a normal Walmart, not a Super Walmart. I was running late for a birthday party and still needed a card and a gift, so I went to Walmart and quickly picked something out. Then I went to the fast lane. When I got there I was first in line, but there was someone else’s stuff there… then the guy came back in a second after I was standing there. I let him go first, since his stuff was there, but he wasn’t. He thanked me.

After his stuff was checked out, he handed the clerk a pamphlet and went into a big speech if Jesus hasn’t saved her yet, he sure can. Within a moment of him trying and her shaking his head, the manager came there. The manager threw him out, because he was pushing his pamphlets to all of the checkout girls and that’s where he was when I arrived, giving the pamphlets to the checkout clerks.

As he was being thrown out, he made a big scene yelling that Jesus will save the unholy souls of everyone at Walmart! The manager said, “That’s it, I’m calling the cops. I’m tired of dealing with you…what’s it been, 6 times you’ve done this?”

I checked out and bolted while the manager had the guy sitting in a chair next to the door. The manager stood there watching with the guy seated.

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