Why Are You Proud Of That?

My friends and I have argued about who loves Walmart more, who goes there more and so on. Well I have the Ultimate Fan of Walmart Story!

I was shopping one night at about 3 am. As I’m in the checkout line, the woman ringing me up starts in on all the drama going on that day in the back break room, who was fighting with who, what was being said, the whole nine yards. She’s telling me all this as if I knew the people she was talking about. The woman then switched to telling me how she felt about a few other employees when she looked up, as if to maybe see if I was agreeing with her, when she noticed my confused look. She immediately stopped with a look of fear and asked and I quote “YOU DO WORK HERE DONT YOU?????” I said no. She quickly followed in a frantic voice, “BUT I SEE YOU ALL THE TIME!?!?!?!?!?” “I THOUGHT YOU WORKED HERE!” This is where I busted out laughing…but she was now scared because she had just given me the low down on everyone and everything that had happened for the day. I assured her that it was ok and I wouldn’t say anything but she had definitly made my day!

Yes, you are the “ULTIMATE WALMART FAN” when you get mistaken for an employee!

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