Into The Wild, Wild World

Oh I’m sorry, I thought this was America where we have the freedom to freeball while we shop for fishing line.

P.S. – That is one bare ass you’ve got there buddy. You had to have a laser hair removal operation to get a tush that smooth!


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  1. Shepiro Chandoz says:

    how can they be dripping bodily fluids? you make it sound like people who choose to go around like this are covered with rivers of fluid. by the way, if adam and eve had nit disobeyed God, we would all be walking around like this.

  2. Shepiro Chandoz says:

    uhuh, you are right coz he might reach for a packet of frozen veggies and find he is stuck on the fridge.

  3. Shepiro Chandoz says:


  4. Shepiro Chandoz says:


  5. Shepiro Chandoz says:

    maybe they shrunk in the dryer

  6. Shepiro Chandoz says:

    umm, not me dont want to look

  7. Shepiro Chandoz says:

    are you okay?

  8. Shepiro Chandoz says:

    maybe he smeared oil all over and slipped thru their fingers when they tried to grab him

  9. Shepiro Chandoz says:

    you are right

  10. Anna Warner McClung says:

    Hobbits don’t shop at Wal-Mart….

  11. Ham Sandwich says:

    This website has made me realize just how important it is to stay the fuck away from Florida

  12. Kat says:

    “I’m not waiting on him, you wait on him!” “No way dude, it’s your turn!”

  13. Popanator says:

    This guy he forgot his pants.

  14. grandma_grapes says:

    why? where are they going to hide a gun?

  15. disqus_lQF0vidZgf says:

    What? A loose loser and I missed it? I love all the maturity demonstrated here with the comments. I personally would have told the nude guy when he came into the store sorry we don’t have a boys department THAT small you’ll have to leave bye bye now. I KNOW it can’t be just Walmart that attracts these people. Or can it? I admit I very seldom go but when I do it’s always the middle of the night as that’s when I’m always up and so far I have never seen anything or anyone close to any of these people. Unless they were all taken in NM and are aliens? I’m in CO maybe some of these people dropped too much acid. Maybe I should go now while it’s summer and hot for a better chance at spotting these interesting things. Like someone once said about aliens kidnapping people to study them….why the hell do they always take Hillbilly Helen and never take the super hot people? Cuz they’re home locked into their homes sleeping maybe? I’m going to Walmart I’m going to Walmart! I want to find some of these interesting things!! Free entertainment.

  16. Okc Dave says:

    To keep poo off the seats and not stick to them on hot days, reduce sweat odor, provide some SPF protection from sun, seatbelt chafing, and too many other things to list.

  17. Richard says:

    You gotta be kiddin’ me.

  18. Haha says:

    Now if a naked slut walked in ppl would b fine. They only take issue because it’s a man. Pathetic.

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